best podcasts to help you grow your crochet or knitting business
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3 Best Podcasts To Help You Grow Your Crochet or Knitting Business

So Much Information, So Little Time

Do you ever feel overwhelmed by the sheer volume of information out there? You know that there are many fantastic resources available to help you improve your crochet or knitting skills, or grow your business – books, online courses, printables, ebooks – the list is endless really.

The problem is not that the resources aren’t there, it’s more that it’s really hard to find the time to sift through them to find the best ones, and then to sit down and actually read them!

As a mum of three, the time that I get to focus on my crochet (both as a hobby and a business) is limited. I feel that for every spare minute I have, I need to be focussed on the right things; I can’t waste any time, I can’t risk spending my time on the wrong things. Now, part of the learning process obviously involves trial and error, so I do need to work on this story that I’m telling myself! Nevertheless, I do want to be intentional about how I spend my time.

So, given that there is much to learn and oodles of valuable information out there, how on earth do I get it into my brain!?

The Solution: Podcasts

For me, the solution has been podcasts. I am completely hooked on them. I look forward to going for a drive so I can listen in the car. I look for excuses to go for a walk so I can have 30 minutes uninterrupted listening time. I even like to put something on while I’m doing the washing up.

Read on for my 3 favourite podcasts for crocheters, knitters, crafters and makers. Whether you are a hobbyist or a small business owner, I guarantee you will learn something new.

P.S. Scroll to the end for two bonus podcasts that I also love!

Best All Round Crochet Podcast

BHooked Podcast

crochet and bhooked podcast

Many of you in the crochet community will be familiar with Brittany from BHooked Crochet, either through her blog posts and patterns or her extremely popular BHooked Crochet YouTube channel.

But, did you know that she also has a podcast!? And it really, really brings the goods. Brittany has been on the crochet scene for several years now, and I daresay there is probably very little she doesn’t know about the craft.

Brittany is extremely well spoken and articulate, she really is a natural speaker. I don’t think I have heard her say “um” or “ah” once!

BHooked Podcast Summary
Episode lengthapprox. 30-50 minutes
Number of episodes to binge onover 100
Podcast frequencyonce a week on a Thursday
Where can I listen?iTunes
Most valuable forCrochet/knitting hobbyists, makers, designers
Topics Covered

There is something for everyone in this podcast. Brittany covers crochet basics for beginners, and more advanced techniques for experienced crocheters.

She interviews many experts in the fields of crochet and knitting design, garment making and pattern writing, tech editing, selling handmade crochet items, blogging and much more. I have completely binged on this podcast over the last few months and I am almost up to date. It is going to be so hard to wait a week between episodes from now on!

Best for Craft Businesses

Explore your Enthusiasm with Tara Swiger

crochet and explore your enthusiasm podcast

I first came across Tara on an episode of the BHooked Podcast and immediately fell in love with her straight-talking, honest manner. So, when I heard that she had her own podcast there was only one place for me to go:

Tara shares openly and honestly on her work and personal life, and I found her so easy to relate to, as I’m sure many of you will.

Prior to working as a business coach for small business owners she ran her own yarn company, so has first-hand experience of the industry.

Explore Your Enthusiasm Summary
Episode lengthapprox. 30-50 minutes
Number of episodes to binge onabout 250
Podcast frequencyweekly
Where can I listen?iTunes
Most valuable forSmall craft business owners looking for sound, actionable advice
Topics Covered

Tara covers everything from practical tips for your craft business (finances, marketing, business structures for example), right through to softer topics like stress, mindset and self-care.

Best for Learning About the Yarn Industry

Creative Yarn Entrepreneur Show

crochet and creative yarn entrepreneur podcast

The Creative Yarn Entrepreneur Show is hosted by Marie Segares who blogs at

This podcast is a must-listen for anyone with a yarn-related business; whether you are a maker, designer, yarn dyer, spinner or blogger you will absolutely find value in the Creative Yarn Entrepreneur Show.

Note: The show has been on a break since November 2016. However, 99% of the content is still absolutely relevant and valuable.

Creative Yarn Entrepreneur Show Summary
Episode lengthapprox. 30-60 minutes
Number of episodes to binge onabout 70
Podcast frequencyNot applicable
Where can I listen?iTunes
Most valuable forMakers selling handmade goods, crochet/knitting designers
Topics Covered

There is so much good stuff here for crafty business owners – marketing, pattern design, pattern submissions, social media, blogging, selling and more.

Bonus 1: Best for Crochet/Knitting Guest Interviews

Yarn Thing with Marly Bird

I couldn’t make a list of yarn related podcasts without mentioning this one by Marly Bird. The original crochet and knitting podcast, Yarn Thing has been going since 2007! Since 2018 the podcast has moved from audio to video so all of the most recent episodes can be found on YouTube (see links below).

I have only listened to a handful of episodes so far so I do have a long way to go.

Yarn Thing Summary
Episode lengthapprox. 40-50 minutes
Number of episodes to binge onabout 500!
Podcast frequencyweekly
Where can I listen?Episodes from 2013-2018 are available on iTunes and Stitcher. The full archive is here.
Episodes since 2018 are on YouTube.
Most valuable forYarn lovers who enjoy hearing about the lives, journeys and stories of others in the industry
Topics Covered

Everything, and I mean everything yarn related. If you can think of a topic, it’s probably been covered on the Yarn Thing.

Bonus 2: My Favourite Parenting Podcast

The Parenting Junkie Podcast

This is a relatively new podcast from Avital a.k.a. The Parenting Junkie (although she has been running a blog, a YouTube channel and online parenting classes for several years now)

The Parenting Junkie Show Summary
Episode lengthapprox. 30-50 minutes
Number of episodes to binge on18 so far
Podcast frequencyweekly on a Thursday
Where can I listen?iTunes
Most valuable forParents who want to enjoy, and feel confident in their parenting journey
Topics Covered

Avital aims to empower us to be gentle, respectful parents, while still giving us permission to make mistakes, to be imperfect – in other words to be human. Her parenting philosophy centres around being mindful and intentional in our relationships with our children and our partners, and her podcast so far covers everything from sleep training to disciplining our children in a respectful way.

It’s absolutely worth a listen for those of you with smallies in your lives.

And that’s all folks! These podcasts are what I spend my time listening and enable me to keep on learning day-in, day-out.

Have I missed anything? Are there podcasts that you love to listen to? I would love to hear about them, so either leave a comment below or find me on social media using these links:

Thanks for reading everyone!

Take care,


best podcasts to help you grow your crochet or knitting business

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