Blog Hop FAQs

Having trouble getting a blog hop pattern? Please read this!

Please note: While a blog hop is running, I get A LOT of emails – usually many more than what I am able to personally respond to.

The FAQs below should answer most of the questions you might have about the blog hop. If you have tried everything on this list but are still having issues, you can email me at and I will do my very best to get back to you within 24 hours.

How the blog hop works

This video will take you through the steps involved in getting your free PDF each day of the blog hop. If you still have questions after watching the video, you can check out the FAQ section below.

FAQs / Frequently Asked Questions

1. I cannot find the page to download my free pattern.

Almost all the patterns in this blog hop are hosted on Ravelry. So, this is where you need to end up to download the featured pattern each day.

*** N.B. Etsy does not allow free downloads, so the promo code will never work on Etsy. It will only work on Ravelry. ***

There are a few pages to click through to get to Ravelry but it is not complicated.

1. Find the featured pattern for TODAY’S DATE on the blog hop post.
2. Take note of the coupon code for that pattern.
3. Click on the pattern name or image for the featured pattern. This will take you to the designer’s blog.
4. On the designer’s page, scroll down until you find a DOWNLOAD BUTTON.
5. Click the DOWNLOAD BUTTON to go to Ravelry.
6. Once on Ravelry, make sure you are signed in.
7. Click “buy it now”and use the coupon code that you noted above.

2. The promo code on Ravelry is not working

Reason 1: You are not signed into Ravelry.
Please make sure you are signed into Ravelry before trying the coupon code.

* Once signed into Ravelry, click “buy it now” and then “use a coupon code”.
* You will see a box where you can enter the coupon code.
* After entering that day’s code, click Apply. The pattern price should then go to $0, allowing you to check out for free.

Reason 2: The code for the pattern has expired
Each pattern is available as a free PDF download for 24 hours only. If you are trying a code and getting an “expired” message, please check the feature date for that pattern.

Most designers very generously extend their coupon codes by a few hours, just to help out anyone who might have missed out.

However, if, for example, it is Mar 7, and you are trying to get the pattern that was featured on Mar 6, then chances are the code will have expired.

3. I missed a day – can I still get the free PDF?

Unfortunately, the answer is probably no. Each PDF is available for 24 hours only (however, most designers generously extend the coupon for a little longer – just so no-one misses out).

But, if you are trying to get a featured pattern from a day or more ago, then chances are the code will have expired.

Many patterns are offered for free on a designers website – in the form of a blog post – so I would encourage you to check this option out!

4. Where is my PDF?

Once you have successfully entered the coupon code, and checked out on Ravelry, the pattern will be available in your Ravelry library.

To find your library, click on My Notebook -> Library after logging into Ravelry. From there you can choose to download the file to your device or computer (usually files are saved to a folder called “Files” or “Downloads”, but this varies by device).

5. I entered the coupon code, but I was still charged for the pattern.

If this happens, then the coupon code did not work for some reason. Please see answers to 2. above!

To avoid this, it is VERY IMPORTANT that you check the value in your Ravelry cart before click the “check out” button – it should say FREE $0.00.

However, mistakes do happen, so I suggest that you contact the designer of the pattern and explain to them what has happened. All designers have different policies for dealing with matters such as this.