Crochet Heirloom Christening Shawl

This impressive looking Christening Shawl from the Crochet World archives is surprisingly manageable once you get into it.

I did have a few false starts to get the pattern going but once I did it’s the same group of stitches for the entire shawl (bar the edging).

Folded heirloom blanket

However, it did take me ages to make! I was even crocheting right up to the moment that we had to leave for the church for my first baby’s (Master. D’s) baptism!

I had never used mercerised cotton before and it’s so fine that it did take quite a while to work up. However, it is one labour of love that was absolutely worth it and I think it has definitely earned it’s ‘heirloom’ status. I have since used the shawl for my two little girls Miss E. and Miss N., and for my sister’s little girls baptism.

I hope it will be in our family for many years to come.

Christening shawl close up


The pattern uses J&P Coats Royale Classic size 10 crochet thread in White, which unfortunately has been discontinued.

I substituted with 6 skeins of Red Heart Classic Crochet Thread Size 10 and it worked great. You can get it here:

US: – Red Heart Classic Crochet Thread Size 10


Amazon UK – Red Heart Classic Crochet Thread Size 10

1.5mm steel crochet hook


Download the pattern from here: