30 Free Chunky Crochet Hat Patterns

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These chunky crochet hat patterns are perfect for those times when you just need a quick satisfying project, or a last-minute gift!

All of the free crochet hat patterns below call for either #5/Bulky or #6/Super Bulky yarn, and most of the patterns are written for multiple sizes, from Baby right up to Adult.

So, you are sure to find a hat (or two) in the list that you can use to create a gorgeous bulky hat for you and your family.

How long does it take to crochet a hat?

The absolute best thing about using a Bulky or Super Bulky yarn is how quickly your project will work up!

Most of the patterns below are “one skein patterns”, so with just one ball of yarn you can have a finished crochet hat in just a couple of hours.

And if you are making some of the smaller sizes, then you will absolutely get 2-3 hats from a couple of skeins of bulky or super bulky yarn.

Easy crochet hat patterns

For most of the patterns in the list below, I would classify them as easy and quite beginner-friendly.

The majority of the patterns feature a simple, repetitive stitch pattern, so once you get into the pattern, it won’t be long until you can crochet away with a little bit less concentration🙂

These hat and beanie patterns are perfect “on-the-go” projects; portable and easy to pop in a bag whenever you head out. Or, if you prefer to crochet on the couch, then it is super satisfying to get a project like this one finished in a single evening!

All of the patterns below have detailed written instructions, and many also  include photos and/or videos, should you need a little extra help 🙂

And if you are a more experienced crocheter, then you will be able to whip up any of these hats in no time:-).

What size should I make my crochet hat?

In general, the circumference of a crochet hat should measure 1”-3”/2.5cm – 7.5cm less than the head circumference of the person who will be wearing the hat.

In other words, the hat pattern will apply 1”-3”/2.5cm – 7.5cm of negative ease. (Negative ease just means that the finished measurement is less than the head/body measurement.)

The reason for making the hat smaller than the head measurement is that crochet hats and beanies often have quite a bit of stretch. So by making the hat smaller, you are ensuring that it won’t fall down over your eyes when you wear it!

How to measure head circumference

To find your head circumference measurement, use a soft tape measure to measure the widest part of your head – this will usually be around the ears and forehead.

As an example, an average Adult head circumference might be 23” / 58cm around, in which case you would want a finished hat with a circumference of approx. 21” / 54cm.

There is no hard and fast rule for hat sizes, as the finished measurement can vary from pattern to pattern, depending on the yarn and stitch pattern used.

  • A hat that uses very tightly-woven stitch pattern, with little stretch, will probably be closer to the head measurement.
  • A hat with a super stretchy ribbing will be several inches less than the head measurement.

Crochet Hat Size Chart

The charts below list all of the average measurements for crochet hats and beanies. As stated above, there can (and most likely will!) be variations across different crochet patterns.

*Note: the crown diameter measurement applies to hats crocheted from the top down only.

Crochet Hat Size Chart (inches)

Head CircumferenceHat CircumferenceHat Height*Crown Diameter
0-3 months16”14”5.5”4.5”
3-6 months17”15”6”4.75”
6-12 months18”16”6.5”5”
1-3 years19”17”7”5.5”
3-5 years20”18”7.5”5.75”
6-10 years21”19”8”6”
Teen/Adult Small22”20”8.25”6.25”
Adult Medium23”21”9”6.75”
Adult Large24”22”9.5”7”

Crochet Hat Size Chart (cm)

Head CircumferenceHat CircumferenceHat Height*Crown Diameter
0-3 months40.5cm35.5cm14cm11.5cm
3-6 months43cm38cm15cm12cm
6-12 months45.5cm40.5cm16.5cm13cm
1-3 years48.5cm43cm18cm13.5cm
3-5 years51cm45.5cm19cm14.5cm
6-10 years53.5cm48.5cm20.5cm15.5cm
Teen/Adult Small56cm51cm21cm16cm
Adult Medium58.5cm53.5cm23cm17cm
Adult Large61cm56cm24cm18cm

30 Chunky Crochet Hat Patterns

This list of chunky crochet hat patterns are perfect for quick makes for all the family!

All of the patterns below use either #5/Bulky or #6/Super Bulky yarn, so are perfect for last minute gifts, or extra cozy crochet hats 🙂

For each of the patterns below, I list the pattern format (written or video) as well as the recommended yarn weight. This allows you to see at a glance what you might be able to use from your stash.

So, let's get crocheting!

I hope you have taken some inspiration from this list of bulky crochet hat patterns. Be sure to follow me on Instagram for lots more crochet ideas!

Happy crocheting!