2024 Crochet Dishcloth Pattern Series

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Welcome to a whole year of creativity with this free series of crochet dishcloth patterns! Every month during 2024, I’ll introduce 2-3 fresh patterns, each inspired by the distinct colors and vibes of the month.

Whether you’re just beginning or are a crochet pro, there’s something here for everyone. The skill level for each pattern will be clearly marked so you can easily pick and choose ones that suit your abilities. 

Let’s get started on this colorful and creative adventure together, and watch our dishcloth collection grow month by month!

Why make Crochet Dishcloths?

I absolutely love making dishcloths for so many reasons – they’re quick projects, don’t use a lot of yarn and they’re a great chance to learn something new!

trio of blue washcloths folded and stacked

Quick and Easy Crochet Projects

Dishcloths are just perfect if you need a quick fix; you can easily whip up one or more in an evening → instant satisfaction!

Practise New Stitches

One of the joys of crochet is the endless variety of stitch patterns available. Learning new stitches not only expands your skillset but also keeps things interesting!

Dishcloths are fantastic for experimenting with new stitches. From the basic single crochet to more complex textured patterns, each dishcloth is a chance to try something different.

Whether you’re just starting or are looking to master a new challenge, you’re sure to find a pattern (or ten!) that’s perfect for you.

Creative but Functional Home Decor

Creating dishcloths and washcloths gives you the chance to bring a splash of creativity into your home. These aren’t just ordinary items; they’re mini works of art you can use every day.

Imagine having a stack of beautifully crocheted cloths in your kitchen or bathroom, each one showcasing a different color or pattern. They’re practical for everyday use, and they add a personal, homey touch to your space.

Perfect for Handmade Gifts

Handmade gifts have a special charm and personal touch that store-bought items simply can’t replicate. Crocheted washcloths are both thoughtful and practical and make really wonderful presents.

Whether it’s for a housewarming, a birthday, or just because, these gifts can be customized in color and pattern to suit the recipient’s taste and style.

Crochet Dishcloth Patterns for Beginners

If you’re new to crochet, don’t worry! This Crochet Dishcloth Collection is a great learning tool to help you take those first steps in an easy, fun way. 

three green crochet washcloths rolled

Dishcloths really are the perfect size for a starter project – not too big, not too small, and you’ll feel a real sense of achievement when you’re done. It’s a relaxed, hands-on way to learn something new!

The skill level is clearly marked for each pattern and I’ve included beginner-level patterns that are perfect for skill practice. You’ll begin with the simplest stitches and, as you get the hang of them, you’ll gradually work your way up to more interesting ones. 

With clear instructions and helpful tips, you’ll be able to create beautiful dishcloths while building your crochet skills.

What is the Best Yarn for Making Dishcloths?

Choosing the right yarn is key for making the best dishcloths. The ideal yarn for these projects is cotton (or a cotton blend). 

Cotton yarn is absorbent, durable, and washes well – perfect for dishcloths and hand towels that need to withstand frequent use and cleaning. 

Generally, a medium-weight or worsted-weight cotton yarn works best. This yarn weight is thick enough to be sturdy but not so bulky that it becomes hard to work with. 

Cotton yarn is great for holding color beautifully, and the best part is, it often comes in a wide variety of shades. This means you have plenty of options to add your own personal touch when creating your crochet washcloths. Enjoy picking colors that suit your style or match your home decor!

For all of the patterns in my Dishcloth Collection I am using Drops Paris which is a 100% cotton #4/worsted weight yarn.

For a typical dishcloth, you’ll need approx 75-90 yds of a worsted weight cotton yarn.

Some of the other yarns that I recommend for making dishcloths include:

three green crochet washcloths stacked

Crochet Dishcloth and Crochet Hand Towel Sizes

For dishcloths, the typical size is around 8 inches (approximately 20 cm) square, which is great for everyday kitchen tasks like washing dishes or wiping counters. This size makes your dishcloth compact, easy to handle, and quick to dry.

If you’re looking for something larger, you can easily adjust your pattern to create a 12-inch (about 30 cm) square or even bigger.

set of 3 pink crochet dishcloths folded and stacked

For a crochet hand towel or tea towel, the dimensions typically range from 14-20 inches (approximately 35-51 cm) wide to 18-28 inches (about 46-71 cm) long. This size is large enough for drying dishes and hands effectively, yet manageable for daily use. 

With cotton yarn, it’s important to note that it can shrink, especially when exposed to high temperatures. So, you might want to consider making your towel slightly larger to accommodate any potential shrinkage.

All of the patterns in the series are written for two sizes – washcloth/dishcloth and hand towel – but they also include instructions on how to adjust the stitch pattern to create any size you wish.

And now without further ado, let’s dive into the crochet patterns!

January Dishcloth Patterns

January PDF Mini-Bundle

stack of 3 blue crochet dishcloths

For the month of January, you can get all three January dishcloth pattern PDFs for 50% off!

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January Pattern 1: Glacial Grid Dishcloth

blue crochet dishcloth on table
The Glacial Grid Dishcloth pattern is perfect for a quick and easy crochet project. This washcloth is great for learning a new stitch pattern and also makes for a thoughtful handmade gift for friends and family.

January Pattern 2: Half Double Haven Dishcloth for Beginners

blue crochet dishcloth folded
This beginner-friendly dishcloth is perfect if you're just starting out. It uses just one stitch to create an easy peasy dishcloth that you can make in less than an hour!

January Pattern 3: Trinity Stitch Dishcloth

trinity stitch blue striped crochet dishcloth folded
Use up your cotton odds and ends with this striking striped washcloth worked in 3 different colors.

February Dishcloth Patterns

February Pattern 1: Thicket Stitch Washcloth

bright pink crochet dishcloth
Perfect for beginners, this gorgeous dishcloth uses basic crochet stitches to maximum effect!

February Pattern 2: Little Waves Washcloth

striped pink and white crochet dishcloth
Simple repeats and simple stitches create this stunning wavy crochet pattern!

February Pattern 3: Little Kisses Washcloth

pair of pink crochet dishcloths rolled up
Create a fabulous texture with the crossed double crochet stitch!

March Dishcloth Patterns

march washcloth special offer graphic

March Pattern 1: Grassy Plains Washcloth

green crochet washcloth folded
This crochet washcloth pattern features a unique twist on a stitch you might not have encountered before - the modified half double crochet two together.

This stitch pattern creates a fabric with a gorgeous drape, giving us a washcloth that’s not just functional but looks great too!

March Pattern 2: Coming March 15th!

light mint green crochet dishcloth folded
This pattern features the Front Post Double Crochet (FPdc) stitch to create gorgeous texture. And I promise, it's not difficult once you get the hang of it!

March Pattern 3: Coming March 22nd!

striped green crochet washcloth
This striped washcloth pattern features easy crochet stitches for maximum effect. It also looks great worked in a solid color!

I hope you have enjoyed all of these dishcloth patterns. Please do share your finished projects on Instagram (I’m @nedandmimi) and in the Ned & Mimi Crochet Community on Facebook!

Happy crocheting,