30 Free Crochet Hat Patterns Using Worsted Weight Yarn

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If you love crocheting hats as much as I do, then I know you are going to love this collection of free crochet hat patterns using worsted weight yarn!

A crochet hat is one of my favorite things to make – it’s a quick project, usually pretty easy and perfect for gifting. And when it comes to choosing yarn for a crochet beanie, you can’t look past a good old worsted or medium weight yarn.  

The patterns in the list below are perfect for beginners and experienced crocheters alike, with easy-to-follow instructions and using one of the most versatile, widely available yarn weights.

From cozy beanies to slouchy hats and everything in between, there is something for everyone in this list.

So, grab your hooks and let’s get started on some fun and fashionable hat projects!

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What is worsted weight yarn?

Worsted weight yarn is a bit like the goldilocks of the yarn world – it’s not too thick and not too thin! In terms of the Craft Yarn Council standards, it is a Category 4 yarn and falls in between DK and bulky weight yarns.

Worsted weight yarn is sometimes referred to as “medium weight yarn” or “afghan yarn”. In Australia, you may find it listed as “10 ply yarn” or in the UK it can sometimes be called “aran weight yarn”. Not confusing at all huh!?

These terms are often used interchangeably with worsted weight yarn, but they all generally refer to yarn that falls in the middle of the weight spectrum, with a thickness that’s suitable for a wide range of projects. 

It’s important to note, however, that not all medium weight yarn is necessarily worsted weight – there can be some variation in thickness and texture depending on the specific brand and type of yarn. So, if you’re not sure what weight of yarn to use for a particular project, it’s always best to check the recommended gauge and hook size in the pattern instructions.

What is the best yarn weight for a crochet hat?

You can really use a yarn of any weight to crochet a hat, but worsted weight yarn is definitely top of my list.

This yarn weight is one of the most popular for crochet projects of all shapes and sizes, and for good reason!

Benefits of using worsted weight yarn for hats

  • Versatility: as we noted already, worsted weight yarn is a “medium” weight yarn, so it’s very versatile and suitable for lots of different types of crochet projects. It’s not too thin OR too thick, so it can provide both structure and drape to make finished projects look and feel great. Worsted weight yarn offers a balance between warmth and breathability, making it a great choice for a variety of climates and seasons.
  • Widely available: Worsted weight yarn is widely available online and in craft stores, so it’s easy to get your hands (and hooks!) on no matter where in the world you are. It’s also available in a huge array of colors, fibers and price points, making it accessible for pretty much everyone.
  • Easy to work with: Worsted weight yarn is easy to work with, making it a great choice for beginners and experienced crocheters.

What is the best worsted weight yarn for hats?

One of my favorite things about using worsted weight yarn is that it is widely available, but this also means that there is pretty much an endless selection of brands and fiber blends to choose from!

The exact yarn that you choose is going to depend on the style and purpose of the hat, as well as personal preference. 

For winter hats and beanies, an acrylic or acrylic/wool blend can be a great choice. Acrylic yarn is very easy to dye so it’s often available in a huge variety of colors. 

Any yarn that features wool or a wool blend is going to be very warm and cozy, but of course you may need to take wool allergies into account when selecting your yarn.

Superwash merino can be a great choice for hats as it’s usually super soft and easier to wash and care for than regular wool – perfect for those items that are going to get a lot of wear!

Some of my favorite worsted weight yarns for hats include:

Crochet Hat Sizes

Each of the patterns listed below are written for a variety of sizes from Baby all the way up to Adult. 

For more details how on figure out the hat size that you need to make, you can check out this post on Crochet Hat Sizes – it comes with a free printable Hat Size Chart too!

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Click here for a free printable crochet hat sizes chart 

And now without further ado, let’s dive into this list of gorgeous crochet hat patterns, all of which use worsted weight yarn.

30 Free Crochet Hat Patterns Using Worsted Weight Yarn

Here are some of my favorite worsted weight crochet hat patterns! From easy-peasy beanies to striking cable patterns, this list has something for crocheters of all tastes and skill levels.

I hope you have taken some inspiration from these projects, happy crocheting!