30 FREE Crochet Market Bag Patterns

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If you’re anything like me, you love to make items rather than simply buying them, and crochet market bag patterns fit the bill perfectly!

In the list below I share some of my favorite functional and eco-friendly crochet bags. From classic and traditional designs to more modern styles, these reusable bags are perfect for heading to the farmers market, the grocery store or the beach!

Whether you’re an experienced crocheter or just starting out, you’re sure to find a pattern that suits your skill level and style. All of the patterns listed below are free, and each one features handy tips and tricks to help you crochet your very own market bag.

So, grab your yarn and hook, and let’s dive in!

What crochet stitch is best for a market bag?

Market bags usually feature an openwork or mesh stitch pattern, making them lightweight and breathable (so perfect for fresh produce, or yarn of course!).

Most mesh patterns feature the basic crochet stitches – single crochet, double crochet, half double crochets as well as plenty of chains to create those little gaps.

Some of the crochet patterns in the list below use a more “solid” stitch pattern for extra sturdiness, but these patterns also use simple stitches.

So, even if you are a complete beginner there should be absolutely no problem in crocheting a market bag 🙂

What yarn is best for a crochet market bag?

When choosing yarn for your crochet market bag, it’s important to select a yarn based on the strength and durability of its fibers, as well as one that will hold it’s shape well i.e. not stretch too much! It’s also important to consider the yarn’s care instructions, as a bag that is going to be used frequently should be easy to wash and maintain.

With these factors in mind, here are the yarns that I would recommend for a market bag (in order of my own personal preference!): 

  • Cotton or cotton blend yarn: As you’ll see in the pattern list below, cotton is one of the top choices for market bags, and with good reason! It is a strong, durable fiber, it doesn’t stretch and it’s also machine washable and easy to care for. A worsted weight cotton yarn is ideal for reusable shopping bags.
  • Jute or burlap yarn: Jute and burlap yarns are made from natural fibers and have a rustic texture that gives bags a unique look.
  • Linen yarn: Like cotton, linen yarn is also plant-based as well as having good strength and stitch definition. It’s also a breathable fiber, which makes it perfect for carrying fresh fruit and veg 🙂
  • Recycled yarns: Using recycled yarns is a great way to live a more eco-friendly and sustainable lifestyle. Some popular recycled yarns are made from recycled t-shirts or plastic bags, which can be a great way to repurpose materials and reduce waste.
  • Acrylic yarn: Acrylic yarn is a man-made synthetic fiber – it is affordable, easy to care for, and comes in a wide variety of colors. It’s not as strong as natural fibers, but often you will find acrylic paired with a cotton fiber for example. This gives the finished blend some extra strength while maintaining the cost-effectiveness of acrylic yarns.

30 Free Crochet Market Bag Patterns

This list features my favorite market bag patterns, with something for crocheters of all levels.

For each pattern, I have listed the yarn weight as well as the pattern format (written or video for example), so you can choose your next project based on what you have in your stash as well as your learning preferences.

I hope you have taken some inspiration from these crochet market bag patterns! Be sure to follow me on Instagram for lots more crochet ideas 🙂

Happy crocheting!


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