27 Free Men’s Beanie Crochet Patterns

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If you’re searching for a free men’s beanie crochet pattern then look no further! Beanies are not only practical but also stylish, and they make the perfect handmade gift for the men in your life.

In this list, I’ve curated the best free crochet patterns for men’s hats, ensuring there’s something for everyone, whether you are a seasoned crocheter or an enthusiastic beginner. 

So, grab your hook and let’s dive in!

collage of mens crochet beanies

Beanie Styles for Men

When it comes to crochet beanies, there are a few key differences between men’s and women’s styles.

Men’s beanies tend to have a more tailored and structured look, often with a closer fit to the head. They are usually designed to be slightly larger in size, accommodating men’s heads and hairstyles. 

Additionally, men’s beanies often feature simpler stitch patterns and minimal embellishments, focusing on clean lines and classic designs.

However, this doesn’t mean that men’s beanies have to be boring! There are plenty of stylish and modern patterns available that strike the perfect balance between masculine and fashionable.

Men’s Beanie Sizes

Men’s beanies come in various sizes, typically ranging from small to extra-large. To determine the correct size, it’s essential to measure the recipient’s head circumference.

As a general guide, small corresponds to a head circumference of 21-22 inches, medium to 22-23 inches, large to 23-24 inches, and extra-large to 24-25 inches.

When selecting a pattern, make sure to check the recommended finished measurements to ensure the perfect fit.

Crochet Hat Size Chart

For more details on how on figure out the hat size that you need to make, you can check out this post on Crochet Hat Sizes – it comes with a free printable Hat Size Chart too!

Click here for a free printable crochet hat sizes chart

How to modify a beanie pattern for a larger size

With a little bit of creativity and a few small adjustments, you can easily convert a beanie pattern to fit a larger head size.

First of all, look for patterns that allow you to easily modify the size and length to suit a larger head circumference. Think simple stitch patterns and easy row repeats. You can also adjust the length of the beanie to ensure it covers the ears properly.

And now, without further ado, let’s dive into this list of men’s crochet beanies 🙂

27 Free Men’s Beanie Crochet Patterns

Whatever your crochet skill level, this list of men’s beanie crochet patterns has something for all tastes and styles!

I hope you have taken some inspiration from these projects, happy crocheting!


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